As we come out of a seven-week lockdown in New Zealand, we have all begun to think differently about work – how it is done, where it is done and when it can be done.

Many of us have been reflecting on the benefits of having more time to spend with our families, less time spent commuting and the ability to work at times of the day that suit us.

In these uncertain times, with the world in the grip of the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses will be thinking about their staffing levels and how they can maintain their competitive edge in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

There has never been a better time to turn to the gig economy for help.

Technology is enabling a more flexible way of working. Experts in the accounting, HR and IT fields have been enjoying the benefits of contracting and consulting for decades and the legal profession is catching up.

Legal freelancing made easy.

Online platforms such as Niche Freelance make it easy for organisations to engage with lawyers who have been vetted and hold the appropriate experience, qualifications and insurances to enable them to provide freelance legal services.

Gaining access to these legal experts when needed is giving businesses and law firms the flexibility to scale up and scale down. We think this will be especially valuable over the coming months as the global and domestic economies recover from the effects of the pandemic.

A viable career choice.

Global pandemic or not, we have no doubt that freelancing will become a viable and sought-after career option for many senior lawyers who simply want to provide great value to their clients and have variety and flexibility in their work.